Protection of our clients' proprietary information is of utmost concern. GWR offers Guaranteed On-Site Hard Drive Data Destruction. At GWR, we can physically destroy your hard drives, rendering the read write heads unreadable.

We will remove your hard drive from the computer and physically punch each drive through, rendering each platter absolutely destroyed, with no opportunity for reuse or data recovery. Feel free to witness the actual destruction of your businesses drives.

Businesses are now responsible for more than just their own proprietary data and are held to the highest of standards when it comes to privacy. GWR provides our clients a "Certificate of Destruction" to assure the release of all liabilities related to or arising from the safe collection and recycling of all electronic devices.




GWR's recycling process starts by thoroughly sorting and weighing all materials received. End-of-life electronic devices are disassembled to its essential components and are separated, sorted and categorized to be transferred to our downstream recyclers.

GWR does not allow the export of hazardous e-waste to developing countries where strict health and environmental regulations do not exist. We ensure that the entire recycling chain is meeting high environmental and health standards. GWR provides visible tracking records of e-waste throughout the product recycling chain.

Product Destruction