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GWR offers full asset management and resale evaluation services. If you or your organization has any unwanted electronic equipment that is still functioning and may have resale value, GWR will pick it up and provide fair market value for your equipment. Contact us for more information or for equipment evaluation



Waste electrical and electronic equipment include used, obsolete, discarded computers, laptops, printers etc. Many of these devices are manufactured using hazardous substances like lead, mercury, halogenated organic compounds and polymers. All of them have been recorded to cause severe environmental and health problems. Therefore, while disposing of electronic waste containing such hazardous materials, great caution has to be exercised.

Green World Recycling offers a range of services for management of electronic waste. We actually offer value for any of your unwanted working equipment. We collect the e-waste material from different sources and sort it into functional categories. These are then dismantled and separated according to their plastic, glass and metal components. The plastic and glass materials are exported to overseas vendors who strictly adhere to safety standards and labor rules, and practice down-stream due-diligence. The residual waste and metal components are processed in land.

All stages of our recycling are carried out under controlled and environmentally safe conditions. Green World Recycling takes great effort in evolving high safety standards and procedures that do not harm the environment in any way. Our services include destruction of data, physical destruction of hardware, sorting and recycling of domestic and industrial electronic waste.