Green World Recycling (GWR) is committed to the preservation of the environment. GWR is dedicated to diverting electronic waste from landfills through recycling electronics in a safe, socially ethical and environmentally friendly process. GWR offers a wide range of services that can facilitate all electronic recycling needs to individuals, companies, and local governments.

Green World Recycling is a company consisting of a staff of highly trained and professional specialists. Our backgrounds encompass all of the necessary skills to provide you with the tools you need in today's marketplace. We have over 10 years of experience in the fields of technology, logistics and recycling refurbishing. This makes GWR the obvious choice when considering an outlet for the end-of life needs of your used computer and office equipment.

Contact us today by calling 932 155 1321 – 932 454 1801 to speak directly with a specialist. and one of our asset recovery professionals will contact you promptly to discuss your needs.


Green World Recycling is an experienced professional in the field of consumer electronics with over 10 years experience. Over the years, many changes in the consumer electronics industry has resulted in more electronic waste being retired in our landfills.

  • Same Day Corporation Pickup Service available.

  • Over 10 years of experience in providing exceptional customer service.

  • Downstream due diligence.

  • Recycling incentives: GWR may be able to provide per pound monetary compensation for certain recycled products.

  • Emergency collection service (Same Day Corporation Pickup Service Available).

  • Destruction verification: video verification, tracking system.

  • Recycling incentives: GWR may be able to provide per KG monetary compensation for certain recycled products.

  • Donation Program