GWR takes very seriously security and discretion, especially when sensitive materials are acquired for recycling. GWR takes the proper precautionary steps to prevent any security breaches by physically destroying hard drives and even whole computer systems. Non-physical destruction such as low-level formatting, "deleting," reformatting, or overwriting does not provide sufficient security. This type of destruction allows IT savvy criminals to retrieve discarded data. Do not be fooled by other recyclers who claim to provide lower costing "data destruction;" many of these recyclers merely "wipe-out" the data and sell the hard-drives for reuse in order to gain more profit.





"E-waste for Friends" is a project created by Green World Recycling. (GWR) with the sole purpose of helping people in need. Not only does GWR divert e-waste from landfills, GWR turns these disposed electronics into much needed resources.Old TVs, monitors and PCs can feed or provide shelter for a person, provide students with uniforms, or support enrichment programs for children. We are able to contribute to these organizations by donating a portion of the proceeds of the revenues generated from e-waste recycling events. In addition, GWR donates functioning electronics to those non-profit organizations in need.